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Research projects and other activities of Optical Remote Sensing
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Department of Signal Theory and Communications - UPC
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ORS – CommSensLab

Optical Remote Sensing, as part of Remote Sensing Laboratory, is a research line of the CommSensLab Group at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya. Major research work is carried out on elastic, Raman and polarimetric Light Detection and Ranging LIDAR measurements, also the ORS group takes part in some international projects and initiatives as ACTRIS, MPLNET, ChArMEx or ITaRS and colaborates with different institutions as UMASS MIRSL or NASA

Main Projects

Last experiments and main projects are posted here.

Unmanned unattended lidar station

The 8-channel multi-spectral lidar system is the third lidar station conceptually designed at RSLAB since the birth of the lidar research activity in 1993. The...
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International outreach – ACTRIS

The UPC lidar station is part of the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network (EARLINET) since its inception in 2000. EARLINET is the largest lidar network...
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Off-shore wind lidar for wind resource assessment

Since 2012 CommSensLab activity on wind lidar has also found application in the field wind profiling using floating Doppler lidar buoys for the off-shore wind...
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The last years have brought a rapid development in instrumental techniques, i.e. lidar, radar, radiometry, that have great potential to monitor atmospheric composition and dynamics...
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Atmospheric aerosol radiative effects

The effect of atmospheric aerosol properties on solar and infrarred radiation is crucial for climate model estimates, which are key for the development of strategic...
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Polarimetric channels

The use of the lidar depolarization technique has proven to be a valuable tool for atmospheric sciences. Regarding aerosol characterization, the depolarization information has been...
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